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Stylish. Pizazz.

Creative problem-solving for corner showers.

Custom Cut Glass

We custom cut every piece of glass.

Quality Hardware

Hardware that will last the life of your enclosure.

Neo Frameless Shower Doors

The Neo frameless shower door complements an angular bathroom space by utilizing our state-of-the art measuring, designing and fabricating techniques. If your stylish, space-saving corner shower is in need of that final touch, our Neo frameless shower doors will brilliantly and instantly turn your bathroom into a show stopper.


By custom tailoring your angular shower, it will be transformed into a one-of-a kind centerpiece.

The neo angle design adds pizazz with a designer look and a touch of creative problem-solving for corner showers. A neo angle, or diamond-shaped, shower has three glass sides enclosing two walls. And is most often used as a stylish, space-saving corner shower. Instead of squaring off two glass panels to build out a corner shower, the neo angle design typically includes a glass door placed across from the inner corner of the shower. Then two glass panels on either side of the door return to each wall at 135 degree angle.
There are many design variations for a neo angle corner shower. The door placement can move. The door can be flanked by two smaller glass panels for support. The return panels may sit atop one or two half-walls. You tell us what you want and we can custom create it.

Neo - Hinges Attached to Wall with Clamps

Neo Hinges Attached to Wall with U Channel

Neo Pivots with Clamps

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Neo Pivots with U Channel

Neo Hinges Glass to Glass with Clamps

Neo Hinges Glass to Glass with U Channel

Neo Glass Header with Clamps

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Neo Glass Header with U Channel

Neo Header with Clips

Neo Header with U Channel

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