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Founded in 1986, in Mexico City, Mexico, Vitralum Glass Solutions has skyrocketed to success, since arriving in Central Florida, in 2007. Starting out as a mainstream “glass business”, Vitralum worked relentlessly to grow into a bona fide “Frameless Glass Specialist” company. Vitralum Glass Solutions is Orlando’s top pick with seasoned designers, prodigious architectural firms and successful construction companies, as well as thousands of homeowners who have purchased from the company over the years.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you make a decision to install a frameless glass shower door with Vitralum, you will meet the most experienced and skilled installers, they are highly trained individuals that believe in, and abide by, Vitralum’s philosophy to not just meet – but, to exceed your expectations. From sales, to measurements to installation, your glass enclosure will be a “seamless" experience which will surpass expectations.


Vitralum Glass Solutions uses only the highest quality materials. We showcase our products in our manufacturing/showroom facility in Altamonte Springs. Then we come to take exact measurements at your home.  Next, we make a specific design for your shower based on the exact measurements and use the design to fabricate the glass in our Altamonte manufacturing/Showroom facility. The fact that we are the only company that FABRICATES ITS OWN GLASS in Central Florida sets us apart from all other local glass companies. This, combined with over 30 years of experience in the glass industry, is the basis for our ability to provide you with a flawless experience in ordering your new frameless shower doors. After the glass is fabricated, one or two of our experienced installers will complete the installation so that you can start enjoying the shower enclosure of your dreams. 


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