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Before You Buy / Build

Helpful. Insightful.

Here are some insightful tips to keep in mind before you buy or build.

Before You Build

> Tip 1

Make sure to pitch in all bottom seals, seats, and benches to ensure proper water drainage.

Before You Buy

> Tip 1

Compare apples to apples.

> Tip 2

Use 135-degree angles on neo showers whenever possible. In most cases you will save money.

> Tip 2

Clear glass is not the clearest glass you can get.

> Tip 3

The maximum recommended size of a shower doors is no larger than 32" in width which requires a special wall structure. Standard doors are 24", 26" and 28".

> Tip 4

The maximum recommended height on a shower enclosure is 84" high. Otherwise special accessories may be required.

> Tip 5

Make sure never to position a shower head body sprayer or hand held shower heads directly to the glass gaps. Failure to follow this will result in water leakage from the shower. Always position shower heads towards tiled walls.

> Tip 6

Tempered glass panels cannot be manufactured in less than 4".

> Tip 7

Do not use raised decorative tile around the enclosure. In order to avoid notching of the decorative tile. This will allow the door to operate freely.

> Tip 8

Avoid using glass tile around areas where the enclosure will be attached to the wall.

> Tip 3

Look for a specialist and research their experience  


The phrase "Frameless Shower Door" is a generic name used to describe modern shower enclosures composed of glass with minimal hardware in the same way "car" is the generic name used to describe automobiles. Everyone knows that cars generally have four tires and a steering wheel; however, it is clear that certain features are present in only the best car brand names. The best cars are well-known by fanatics and regular consumers alike, and most of the time their price reflects their quality. When we go to buy a car, relatives and friends are eager to help and give advice; that is not usually the case when it comes to purchasing a shower door since it is a less common purchase. Fortunately, we are here to help you make an educated purchase.


In the beginning all shower enclosures seem to be the same, but there are a lot of things to consider when you are serious about buying the best frameless shower enclosure. The first thing is whether the seller offering the shower door is a SPECIALIST. You don't want your shower to be measured or designed by a guy that installs windows. You are buying a shower door, not a window - only a shower specialist has the experience to detect the smallest details which, ultimately, could make or break the final outcome of your enclosure. The same concept applies to installation; you wouldn't want your glass doors to be installed by a guy that installs tile or windshields. Believe it or not, the president of our company is the person who personally trains our installers, providing them with his wealth of knowledge from over 30 years of experience. In some instances, he will accompany installers to difficult installations to ensure that the project is completed with the highest level of quality. These situations are used to further train installers and to teach them the best techniques so they are always improving their skills. During these training sessions they are taught to abide by Vitralum's philosophy to not just meet, but to exceed your expectations.


The second thing to consider is WARRANTY. Now, many companies may offer a warranty, but if the company only exists for a few years and then disappears, their warranty is useless. Therefore, be sure to research the company you choose to see whether it is stable, and even better, showing signs of growth. Here at Vitralum Glass Solutions we offer LIFE TIME WARRANTY with our shower enclosures. This warranty is backed by more than 30 years of experience and the strength of a company whose growth has skyrocketed, and continues to experience notable growth every year. In addition, we are the only company in Central Florida that installs and FABRICATES ITS OWN GLASS, which gives us more control over the fabrication process and the final product.


Like a car, a shower enclosure made with quality parts, which is properly constructed and maintained, is able to last much longer than one that is made cheaply and not given adequate care. Furthermore, even though the price of a frameless shower enclosure is a fraction of the price of a new car, it has the potential to outlast the lifespan of a new car by many, many years, if it properly cared for. So why settle with a cheap, poor-quality shower door when you can generally spend the same amount of money and instead enjoy the luxury of owning the Bugatti of frameless glass shower doors?

> Tip 4

When necessary, use laminated glass

> Tip 9

Avoid overhang of stone and tile around enclosure in order to avoid gaps and notching of your tile. This will create a cleaner looking installation.

> Tip 10

Make sure to have level walls this will give you more options in choosing your shower door and avoid extra cost.

> Tip 11

Provide a solid structure around the enclosure, such as wood or metal framing, in order to attach the glass.

> Tip 12

Be sure to add lights above your shower enclosure to give it that extra look of quality.

> Tip 13

Clear glass is not the clearest glass you can get.

> Tip 14

Last of all:


In doing this you will lengthen the life and look of your beautiful glass

shower enclosure.

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